Retirement Planning & Consulting

Regulatory and legislative scrutiny has been high over the past few years.  In addition, employee litigation has been on the increase in areas of investments and fee disclosure.  We partner with you in complying with the changing fiduciary environment.

Plan Consulting and Design

The right retirement plan for any business is the one that matches the objectives of the business and the demographics of the workforce.  We assist the business in establishing a retirement plan that uses the correct plan form (defined benefit pension, 401(k) plan, Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), cash balance plan, etc.).  The plan components and features can have a significant impact on cost and effectiveness and our experience offers our clients great assistance in getting it right on the front end.

Plan Review

If a plan is already in place, our team of professionals will perform a compliance review and Plan Benchmark.  The review includes plan compliance, operational compliance, and a comprehensive plan comparison with industry peers, including fees.

Plan Administration

Third Party Administrative services are provided.  This includes annual plan accounting, plan administration, plan consulting, employee education, and preparation of plan documents and filings.  As Plan Administrator, we work as a partner in assisting our clients with their fiduciary responsibilities in maintaining and operating the retirement plan.

Provider and Investment Search

The investment provider and record keeper are critical partners in the retirement plan services delivered to you and your employees.  Our unique team of ERISA professionals works with the plan trustees to identify an investment platform that is appropriate and cost efficient with full disclosure of all fees.

Investment Review and Analysis

The FCG investment advisers offer investment review and analysis services.  Those affiliated members of FCGIC provide a quantitative and qualitative review and analysis of the retirement plan investments on a quarterly basis.  They also serve as 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary investment advisors for the plan.