FCG has a diversified, experienced, and trustworthy group of professionals to assist our clients in achieving their investment goals and objectives.


Investment Management

Financial Consulting Group (FCG) employs experienced and trustworthy investment professionals ready to assist in achieving your investment goals and objectives. Every investor has his or her own unique circumstances. We meet with you to determine your individual needs. Our focus centers on short-term and long-term objectives, risk tolerance, cash flow needs, and any specific concerns you may have. By identifying these parameters, we create an investment program designed to achieve your objectives.

Our senior portfolio manager has over 40 years’ experience managing investment programs for Individuals and Institutional Pension Plans. He has assembled an equally knowledgeable and dedicated investment team to assist with your needs. FCG has several security specific strategies consisting of 35 to 60 positions representing eleven different economic sectors. Allocations to each sector are actively managed depending upon our market outlook. In addition, we have five risk-based models consisting of a variety of investments such as Electronical Traded Funds (ETFs), mutual funds and individual stocks to create a more diversified risk profile for smaller investment amounts. The risk profiles range from Conservative to Aggressive.

Our objective is to serve your needs. This could be through one of our investment models or by creating an individual mix of stocks, bonds and other investments. Once we have designed your personal investment portfolio, we continue to monitor it and communicate with you concerning any changes that might be needed.

We take pride in providing expert investment management but also in superior personal account service.

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