Investment Management

Financial Consulting Group employs experienced and trustworthy investment professionals ready to assist you in achieving your investment goals and objectives. Every investor has his or her own unique circumstances and we will meet with you to determine your individual needs. Our focus centers on short term and long term objectives, risk tolerance and cash flow needs, as well as any specific concerns you may have. By identifying these parameters, we can design an investment program to achieve your objectives.

Our senior portfolio manager has spent over 40 years managing investment programs for public and private pension plans. In that time, he has developed two security-specific strategies and five risk-based, broad asset allocation models that may also suit your needs. The allocation models mix a variety of investments such as Electronically Traded Funds (ETFs), mutual funds and individual stocks.

Our objective is to serve your needs. This may be through one of our investment strategy models or it may be creating an individual mix of stocks, bonds or other investments. Once we have set up your personal investment portfolio, we will continue to monitor your portfolio and communicate with you about any changes that may need to be made. As the economy and the market conditions change, we will work with you to meet your financial objectives.


Security Specific Model

  • Dividend Select
  • Dividend Preferred


Risk Based Model

  • ETF Conservative
  • ETF Moderate
  • ETF Balanced
  • ETF Growth
  • ETF Aggressive