Fiduciary Plan Services

Our firm members are professional consultants that serve as fiduciaries for our clients’ plans.  We work with you to establish and maintain the tools necessary for you to demonstrate an ongoing process of prudent plan management as required under ERISA.

Fiduciary Practices Review

The fiduciary practices review is established at the inception of a client engagement for Fiduciary Plan Services.  The review outlines the general guidelines for the fiduciaries responsible for the administration and the management of the sponsor’s retirement plan.

Plan Expense Analysis

On an annual basis, FCG will deliver a comprehensive review of all expenses associated with the management of the plan.  The analysis serves as documentation of the fiduciaries’ discharge of their responsibility under ERISA to ensure that all costs incurred by the plan are reasonable.

Service Provider Review

The service provider review provides analysis of all entities providing service to the plan.  Annually, this report supplies information to assist fiduciaries in determining if the level of services currently provided is both appropriate and necessary.

Communication and Education Assessment

The assessment tool assists fiduciaries in evaluating the level of investment education provided to participants.  Service providers are assessed on quality and type of education provided, effectiveness of strategy, and whether the goals were set and achieved for the year.  These educational services are offered through FCG Investment Company.

404(C) Compliance

This service assists with 404(C) compliance and implements a checklist for maintain compliance.  The 404(C) Compliance Review compares the requirements set forth under ERISA versus the current practices of the plan and makes recommendations for remedial actions.