Knowledge - Experience - Integrity

Founded in 1996, FCG has assembled a group of trusted professionals who serve professional practices, private businesses, individuals, and the banking community with Knowledge, Experience, and Integrity.  These three core values make FCG a reliable partner in offering Retirement Planning/Consulting, Banked Owned Life Insurance, Employee Stock Ownership Plans,  Deferred Compensation/Executive Benefits, and Individual Financial Planning. Providing unique, hands-on services has helped our firm continuously grow and hold strong client retention.
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Institutional Services

Financial Consulting Group (FCG) consists of a group of seasoned professionals from the financial, legal, and accounting industry.  The firm has combined these individuals and resources into a specialized consulting and administrative firm that provides both qualified and non-qualified retirement plan solutions. FCG works closely with plan sponsors to create low cost, flexible, and highly competitive solutions.  

The principals were at the forefront of “bank owned life insurance” (BOLI) programs having served as the executive officers of Banking Consulting of America (BCA) one of the initial national BOLI consultants.  Many of FCG’s retirement and professional practice benefit programs are unique and proprietary.  Each business has unique problems and opportunities and FCG provides a customized solution for each of our clients.

FCG has also been a specialist and administrator of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP). When looking to implement an ESOP for one’s business many owners are persuaded away by high costs and complexity. FCG offers a cost effective and easy to understand approach to implementing an ESOP for one’s business

Individual Services

Obtaining and sustaining financial objectives and goals can be extremely difficult alone. Through our affiliation with Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation, Mid Atlantic Financial Management, and a wide span of insurance providers, Financial Consulting Group offers hands on professional guidance to ensure all of our clients stay on path to reach their stated goals. We understand many individuals have different needs and each person’s situation is unique. We work closely to obtain the appropriate information in order to implement tailored plans and strategies that fit these unique goals and situations.

Whether it is as simple as budgeting and paying off depth or complex estate planning needs Financial Consulting Group provides years of experience and knowledge to tackle these goals from planning, execution, and servicing.